Industrial 46 Cup Electric Rice Cooker / Warmer – 120 V Silver Round 1,600 watts

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0/5 on February 3, 2017

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  • 46 Cup (23 Cup Raw) Electric Rice Cooker
  • Removable inner pot has nonstick coating for easy cleaning
  • Has separate cooking and keep warm modes
  • Includes rice measuring cup
  • 120V; 1600W Bonus $20 MFR

Details With a yield of up to 46 cups (276 oz.) of cooked rice, this Avantco RC2316 electric rice cooker / warmer is sure to keep up with the demand in your authentic Mexican restaurant, Asian bistro, or at your on-the-go sushi counter! This rice cooker has separate cooking and keep warm modes with indicator lights for both, so you never have to guess whether your rice is finished cooking or not. When using the warming mode, rice can be kept warm for up to 2 hours with the lid closed; actual timing may vary if the lid is removed during this period. The removable inner pot that comes with this rice cooker has a nonstick interior coating for easy cleaning with warm water and detergent, but you should refrain from cleaning it with hard chemicals or scraping it with metal utensils as the coating may be damaged and lose its nonstick properties. This unit also comes with a lid for steam retention and a rice measuring cup for simple, accurate filling of the pot, which can hold up to 23 cups (138 oz.) of dry rice. This rice cooker requires a 120V electrical connection and has an output of 1600W. Overall Dimensions: Diameter: 16 1/2″ Height: 11 7/16″ Dry Rice Capacity: 23 cups (138 oz.) Cooked Rice Capacity: 46 cups (276 oz.) Bonus $10 MFR

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